The global road traffic injury epidemic kills 3,700 people every day. Many thousands more are seriously injured. Our societies have been persuaded to accept ‘death by car’. We challenge this. The FIA Foundation supports the ‘Vision Zero’ approach which seeks to redesign transportation to put people first; to engineer and manage highways, streets and vehicles within a ‘Safe System’ where no death or serious injury is accepted. Our funding programme and our advocacy supports this vision.

Road traffic injury remains a neglected global health issue, underfunded and lacking serious political commitment in too many countries and international institutions. There is a tendency to see road crashes as a consequence of human behaviour, rather than a failure of systems management. This victim blaming lets our political leaders and the systems designers – car makers, road engineers – avoid their responsibilities. Our road system can and must be designed to be safe for all.



We led the campaign for a road safety SDG target and we urge governments to achieve the 50% casualty reduction target by 2030. We designed the UN’s Streets for Life campaign which is calling for low speed on urban streets.

We support international Safe System initiatives for safer cars (Global NCAP), safer roads (iRAP) and safer motorcyclists. We work with UN agencies, NGO partners and our FIA member clubs across the world to deliver policy and legislative change.

We are one of the leading global road safety donors. In addition to our own grantmaking we deployed catalytic funding to help establish the World Bank’s Global Road Safety Facility and the UN Road Safety Fund.

Manifesto 2030: Safe & Healthy Streets for Children, Youth and Climate

The Child Health Initiative Manifesto 2030 calls for a transformation of urban streets by 2030 into safe, low speed and accessible space that puts people first, encouraging zero carbon walking and cycling, by deploying the ‘Speed Vaccine’: safe footpaths and crossings; protected cycleways; and maximum 30 km/h speed limits anywhere children and traffic mix. The Manifesto also calls for a first ever Global Summit for Adolescents to galvanise political action and funding for a range of issues affecting Generation Z, including the leading killer of young people: road traffic. To deliver this agenda an €15m Advocacy Hub is being funded by the FIA Foundation.

Manifesto 2030: Safe & Healthy Streets for Children, Youth and Climate


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Global launch of Safe School Zones Guide Vietnam supported by FIA Foundation

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FIA Foundation presents road safety financing agenda to global experts

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