10 year old Phuc suffered bumps and grazes when his father’s motorcycle was involved in a crash on the way home from school. But his injuries could have been much worse…or even fatal. Thanks to a child’s motorcycle helmet and safety training provided by the Vietnam Helmet Vaccine Initiative, Phuc is still alive, learning and laughing at school with his friends.

Just US$15 or £10 will pay for a life-saving helmet and the in-schools training programme that goes with it. This is just one example of the road safety interventions that you can support through the Road Safety Fund.


$15/£20 could provide a motorcycle safety helmet for a child in Asia.


$25/£15 could give five reflective school bags and road safety training to kids in Africa.


$50/£30 could help to fund child seat safety tests and campaigns for safe school buses in Latin America.


$100/£60 could support independent safety rating of high risk roads.