Young people bear the impact of decisions taken by adults. Road traffic crashes are the leading global cause of death for children and youth aged 5-18. More than 300 million children breathe dangerously toxic air every day. Today’s children are inheriting a world threatened by climate change and damaged by social inequity. Through our Child Health Initiative, the FIA Foundation works with young people to enable their voice and ideas in the policy arena.


Issues of health and wellbeing affecting adolescents are seriously underfunded, not least road traffic injury. To address this, in 2018 the FIA Foundation proposed a first ever UN Global Youth Summit to coalesce action and increase funding. Working with governments and partners including the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, we are helping to fund and develop a global framework of action. Through this advocacy, we have also helped to secure an Adolescent Action Summit in 2023 and a UN Youth Summit in 2025.

Manifesto 2030 Advocacy Hub

Launched to coincide with the UN Streets for Life campaign, the FIA Foundation’s new Advocacy Hub, based within the Child Health Initiative, will focus on supporting global, national and city campaigns for 30km/h streets where children and youth live, walk and cycle. Read more about the objectives of the Advocacy Hub and also the goals of the Manifesto 2030: Safe and Healthy Streets for Children, Youth & Climate which the FIA Foundation and its Child Health Initiative partners aim to deliver.

Manifesto 2030 Advocacy Hub


Moldova Auto Club school zone upgrades focus on speed, supported by the FIA Foundation

Communities across the US roll with National Bike & Roll to School Day, supported by the FIA Foundation

Ho Chi Minh City is the first to implement Vietnam’s Safe School Zones Guide

Arlington County, Virginia, recognised with Vision Zero for Youth U.S. Leadership Award



100,000+ African children protected through Safe Schools Africa


The Star Rating for Schools Programme has assessed over 1200 schools globally


Launch of technical guidance on Child and Adolescent Road Safety for 150 UNICEF countries


Over 1,800 youth from 121 countries actively advocating for recognition of safe mobility as a right

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