Trustee Application Process

According to articles 33‐34 of the Articles of Association of the FIA Foundation (the “Foundation”):

  1. No person other than a trustee retiring by rotation or the “ex officio” trustee may be appointed a trustee at any general meeting unless:
  • (1) he or she is recommended for election by the trustees; or
  • (2) he or she is nominated by a member; or
  • (3) he or she is nominated by the FIA to be a “FIA trustee”.
  1. Any member wishing to nominate a person for appointment as a trustee at any general meeting pursuant to article 33(2) must inform the charity in writing of its proposal no less than 90 clear days in advance of the general meeting. This proposal must:
  • (1) be signed by a member entitled to vote at the meeting;
  • (2) state the member’s intention to propose a person for appointment as a trustee at a general meeting;
  • (3) be signed by the person who is to be proposed to show his or her willingness to be appointed; and
  • (4) be accompanied by a completed application form issued by the charity.

For more information on the role of our trustees, please see the job description and person profile below. If you wish to apply to become a trustee, please complete the application form and send it by Thursday 6 September 2018 to the Foundation secretariat for the attention of the Executive Director.

Applications will be reviewed by the Secretariat, the Foundation’s Executive Committee and, finally, the full Board of Trustees, to ensure candidates meet the legal requirements set down by the UK Charity Commission for UK charity trustees. Eligible candidates will then be presented to the Annual General Meeting for election on 6 December 2018.

Note the maximum number of trustees permitted under the Foundation’s Articles of Association is 15, including the FIA President who is an ex officio trustee and three other trustees nominated by the FIA.


Application form
Job Description