CDC hosts FIA Foundation for discussion on global road safety

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The FIA Foundation has presented at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on its global road safety work. On Tuesday, September 13, FIA Foundation US Manager Natalie Draisin and Trustee and US Advisor Marilena Amoni presented to CDC’s injury and road safety team. They discussed efforts in road safety, fuel economy, and women’s safety on public transport, and briefed the CDC officials on the new Global Initiative for Child Health and Mobility.

The CDC plays an important role in protecting lives on US domestic roads and those abroad. The FIA Foundation has been fortunate to partner with CDC on the ‘Head Safe, Helmet On’ project in Cambodia, along with USAID, AIP Foundation and UPS Foundation to promote motorcycle helmet use in Cambodia. CDC strengthened the initiative with their expertise in research, monitoring and evaluation. CDC has also provided evaluation support for Amend’s work delivering infrastructure safety around schools in Africa.

CDC has been amplifying the call to make US roads safer, as well. Natalie Draisin congratulated the team on their recent Vital Signs report, which compares the United States to other high income countries, showing the need for improvement through data and effective strategies. “We’ve been drawing attention to the US status in global road safety, but having a US Public Health Agency release such a report has been an invaluable call to action for key decision makers,” Draisin said.

Marilena Amoni highlighted the CDC’s vital role in the scientific community: “In my role as a trustee of the FIA Foundation, and as a former National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Associate Administrator, I’ve seen the significant contributions the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control at CDC has made to global road safety in the areas of policy, data, and evaluation.” She also recognized the Center’s role at the United Nations, where it helped ensure that road safety was included in the Sustainable Development Goals, heralding a new era for global road safety.

One of the individuals who has made enormous contributions to global road safety at CDC and beyond is David Sleet, who worked with Amoni during her decades at NHTSA. Together, they helped created the Public Health Plan, a lasting contribution that has led the agency to focus on the interlinkages between public health and traffic safety. David Sleet recently retired from his position as CDC Associate Director for Science in the Division of Unintentional Injury Prevention, leaving a legacy that inspires others to continue his tireless efforts to prevent deaths and injuries. The FIA Foundation is honoured to have David Sleet join its US Advisory Board, benefitting from his public health background and expertise.