PIARC Road Safety Manual promotes ‘Safe System’

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The manual is available on the PIARC website
The manual is available on the PIARC website

In a guest blog, Michael Griffith, Director of the Office of Safety Technologies at the US Federal Highway Administration, introduces the new PIARC Road Safety Manual. Michael chaired the Road Safety Manual Task Force for the World Road Association (PIARC).

“A comprehensive new Road Safety Manual was launched by the World Road Association (PIARC) at the World Road Congress in Seoul in November 2015.

The focus of the manual is on guiding the management of the safe planning, design, operation, and use of road networks in low, middle and high-income countries. The manual provides information on the effective management of road safety infrastructure. It includes new thinking on road safety and offers a clear argument on why adopting a Safe System approach is crucial for all countries. Elected officials, political appointees, road safety practitioners, health professionals, transportation engineers, and planners will all benefit from using it.

There are three parts to the manual. Part One sets the global perspective of road safety. Part Two provides guidance on road safety management. Part Three addresses the planning, design, operation and use of a safe road network. Each chapter starts with a series of key messages, summarizing the main points. Advice is included for how newcomers to road safety can get started and how to make continued progress. There are also activities that higher performing agencies should aim for.

The Road Safety Manual has been written to allow users to start at any part in the manual. Readers may review the key messages at the beginning of each chapter to get an overall understanding of content. Further guidance is provided in the form of illustrative examples, case studies and noteworthy practices. The case studies are from countries at all levels of development. However, there is a particular focus on lower and middle- income countries.

Each chapter includes references to easily accessible documents or websites for further information. This Manual is a significant contribution to supporting the aims of the UN Decade for Action for Road Safety.”

For further information, please visit http://roadsafety.piarc.org/en