Delft Course opens for 2016

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Applications have opened for the 2016 Delft Road Safety Courses, hosted at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. The new year also sees a new course website, announcing new trainings to support road safety capacity in middle and low income countries.

The new Road Safety Course in Delft will be organised in September 2016. The 2015 course was an extremely successful event, offering a two-week immersion in the Safe System approach to road safety with 20 participants from 17 countries. The course is targeted at professionals from government, international organizations, police, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, universities and research organizations, all working on the frontline of the global road traffic injury epidemic.

For both DRSC and the FIA Foundation, the partnership builds on several successful years of running annually a high level training programme for road safety professionals around the world. The Course in Delft in September 2016 will be the fifth in a row run at the University. The partnership between DRSC and the FIA Foundation has shown to be helpful in recruiting participants and provides a strong financial basis for the organization of the course.

The new website also shows other activities of DRSC, where appropriate supported by the FIA Foundation. Besides the Road Safety Course in Delft capacity building in LMICs may also be facilitated by supporting academic educational and research programmes in those countries, or by offering tailor made courses derived from the one in Delft. Alumni of the course in Delft could act as key figures when organising this.

Professor Fred Wegman, Director of the Delft Road Safety Courses, said:

“Capacity building for road safety professionals in low and middle income countries is a real key activity to support these countries in designing and implementing effective road safety strategies and road safety programmes and projects. Effective strategies from high income countries cannot be simply copied but should be adapted to local conditions and circumstances. We trust that well-trained and knowledgeable experts from low and middle income countries can take care about this. Our partnership with the FIA Foundation has been successful and we are looking forward to continue our cooperation to further strengthen the courses in Delft the coming years and eventually in other countries.”

Saul Billingsley, Director General of the FIA Foundation, said:

“We are pleased to continue this partnership with Delft Road Safety Courses, which will enable continued strong training. Our funding commitment, for the remainder of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, will ensure the Road Safety Course in Delft is able to train and encourage many more young road safety leaders in the years ahead. This is vital part of our Road Safety Leadership Initiative, supporting the next generation of road safety advocates and professionals and building home-grown capacity to tackle road traffic injuries.”