FIA Foundation supports clean air work at COP21

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FIA Foundation has announced plans to develop work on tackling black carbon at the Short Lived Climate Pollutants (SLCP) Lima Paris Action Agenda (LPAA) action day.

The meeting, held on 4th December at the Paris Climate Summit, brought together governments, institutions and technical partners under the umbrella of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC), which has been increasingly successful in building coalitions of support in key areas of the SLCP agenda, such as diesel and HGVs.

The FIA Foundation announced that it is supporting a new CCAC workstream to tackle issues of black carbon from light duty vehicles and motorbikes. Black carbon contributes to global warming by absorbing heat in the atmosphere and reducing the amount of radiation reflected in ice-covered areas. It also contributes to the estimated 7 million deaths caused by air pollution-related illnesses. The announcement aims to promote discussion and identify future partnerships to contribute to the Foundation’s ‘Safe, Clean, Fair & Green’ aims.

Making the announcement, Sheila Watson, FIA Foundation Director of Environment and Research, joined air quality experts from around the world to say that the work would look at existing good practice, gaps in policy and research, and seek to add value to existing understanding of this crucial issue.


Sheila Watson's speech

Reducing Pollution Emission research paper