In Chatham House article, Lord Robertson urges new effort to meet SDGs

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Lord Robertson of Port Ellen
Lord Robertson of Port Ellen

In an article for influential international affairs thinktank Chatham House, FIA Foundation trustee Lord Robertson of Port Ellen says the inclusion of road safety in the Sustainable Development Goals demands new urgency from the international community.

Lord Robertson, who has led the Commission for Global Road Safety for ten years and played a key role in moving global road traffic injury prevention from a fringe issue to becoming part of the development mainstream, argues that the SDGs offer an opportunity to connect and integrate action on road safety with wider agendas for health and the environment.

Writing for ‘The World Today’, Lord Robertson says:

“In September the new Sustainable Development Goals will be launched. The inclusion of road safety in these goals reflects a growing recognition of its contribution to wider environmental and developmental objectives. The health impacts of motorized transport resulting not only from road traffic injury but also from air pollution are severe and growing. The contribution of road transport to climate change must also be addressed. We need to fuse the case for sustainable transport and the case for safer streets and pavements.

The loss of a single person – be it a pedestrian in Kenya, a young driver in Dubai, or a cyclist on London’s streets – ripples out to touch the lives of a hundred people. And we are losing 3,500 people each day. We must ensure real and lasting change, a transport system that values life, protects health and delivers safe mobility for all.”

Read Lord Robertson’s full article in the latest edition of the Chatham House magazine, The World Today