Road fatalities target in proposed UN Health Goal as drafting reaches final stages

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Bella Dinh Zarr, FIA Foundation, makes a statement at the OWG 11
Bella Dinh Zarr, FIA Foundation, makes a statement at the OWG 11
Bright Oywaya on behalf of Make Roads Safe, campaigning for road safety post-2015 at the start of the UN process
Bright Oywaya on behalf of Make Roads Safe, campaigning for road safety post-2015 at the start of the UN process

The group of Governments at the United Nations drafting proposals for a set of post-2015 development goals have included a target to halve road fatalities as a priority within a Health Goal.

The move to include action on road deaths as an individual health target is a major step forward for the advocacy efforts carried out by the FIA Foundation and its partners as the UN process to draft a set of proposals for the goals reaches its final stage.

The newly configured target ‘3.5’ to halve road traffic deaths by 2030 is one of seven priorities in a proposed post-2015 global Health Goal to ‘attain healthy lives for all’. Alongside the road fatalities target, other proposed targets include: ending preventable newborn, infant and under-five deaths; ending the epidemics of HIV/AIDs, TB and Malaria; and achieving universal health coverage.

There is still some way to go in what is a long running process to set out the new post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals, but inclusion at this stage is a major achievement. The final session of the Open Working Group on Post-2015 will take place from 14-18 July. The recommendations from the group will then be sent to the UN Secretary General before full negotiations among all governments at the UN from September 2014. A final set of Sustainable Development Goals will be launched towards the end of 2015.

In an ongoing advocacy campaign, the FIA Foundation had encouraged a wide coalition of partners including FIA member automobile clubs and road safety NGOs globally and supporters of the Make Roads Safe campaign, to contact their governments and support the call for a post-2015 target on road safety.

The FIA Foundation and this coalition has also been reaching out to supporters around the world to vote for ‘better roads and transport’ and to call for road safety to be a post-2015 priority. The ‘TargetSaveLives’ campaign is aimed at the UN’s global public survey for post-2015, ‘MY World’.

The FIA Foundation had worked closely with a range of key organisations in New York to push for a road safety target at the penultimate session of the UN’s ‘Open Working Group’ which is drafting the recommendations for the new goals. Key organisations from civil society including the Non-Communicable Disease NCD Alliance, the International Collaboration for Essential Surgery (ICES), and the Women’s Major Group on post-2015 had all supported the target to halve road fatalities.

This session built on earlier advocacy at the Open Working Group where a range of governments and key partners such as SLoCaT had supported road safety and safe and sustainable transport in the drafting process.  While the focus of the road safety target to reduce fatalities, is in the Health Goal it is also cross referenced in the draft Goal on Cities.

Proposed Goal 11 is to ‘make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe and sustainable’. Following the advocacy with partners such as SloCAT, this goal includes target 11.2 ‘by 2030, provide access to safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport for all, and expand public transport’.

The draft Health Goal also includes a target to reduce the number of deaths and illnesses from indoor and outdoor air pollution. As part of its ‘Safe Clean Fair and Green’ agenda for post-2015 sustainable mobility, the FIA Foundation has been calling for action on cleaner fuels in transportation to improve urban air pollution in the Sustainable Development Goals.

The FIA Foundation had originally presented the ‘Safe, Clean Fair and Green’ earlier this year at a key hearing of the Open Working Group. All the key elements of this agenda – road safety, air quality and fuel economy have now been reflected in this draft of the Post-2015 SDGs.

A target to double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency by 2030 is included in a Goal on Sustainable Energy. This is in line with the Global Fuel Economy Initiative’s target to double the fuel efficiency of new vehicles by 2030. The GFEI, coordinated by the FIA Foundation, is currently providing expert input into the Post-2015 consultations at the UN on Sustainable Energy for All.

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