UNICEF partners FIA Foundation to combat child road injury

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Saul Billingsley, Zoleka Mandela and Nicholas Alipui supporting the #SaveKidsLives campaign
Saul Billingsley, Zoleka Mandela and Nicholas Alipui supporting the #SaveKidsLives campaign
View the film ‘Save Kids Lives: Safer Journeys to School’ shown at the partnership’s launch during the Safe Kids Global Summit.
View the film ‘UNICEF-FIA Foundation Partnership'.

The FIA Foundation and UNICEF have launched a partnership to collaborate on child road traffic injury prevention worldwide.

The partnership, announced on 11 December, recognises the duty to protect children on the world’s roads upholding the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

It sets out to respond to the growing rates of road traffic injuries and fatalities among children and adolescents in fast developing regions of the world. The partnership also comes ahead of the Third UN Global Road Safety Week in May 2015 which has road safety for children as its campaigning focus.

UNICEF Director and Senior Adviser on the Post-2015 Development Agenda Nicholas Alipui and FIA Foundation Director General Saul Billingsley jointly announced the partnership at the Safe Kids Global Road Safety Summit in Washington DC.

Nicholas Alipui said: “As we engage with the Post-2015 agenda, we have here a vision for the new era of global development which is upon us, and we are taking our first steps along this path today. We recognise that there is a clear duty arising from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child to provide protection for children and young people, and this must mean protection for them as they travel to school, college, to play and to visit friends or family. Indeed it is most appropriate that we are embarking on this partnership in this the 25th anniversary year of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

“We know what works, the measurable and proven solutions which are part of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety. We pledge to support such initiatives and help bring them to scale as we move on with this partnership that we are proud to announce here today.”

Saul Billingsley said: “Central to our mission is the urgent need to protect children on the world’s roads, and to address the unacceptable burden that road traffic injury places upon child health, development and education. So we are delighted to be launching this partnership with UNICEF, which we embark on at a critical time, as the world turns its attention to deciding the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals and we step up our advocacy leading into UN Global Road Safety Week with the ‘#SaveKidsLives’ campaign. We look forward to an effective collaboration, for this vital purpose - developing the projects and initiatives to save children’s lives on the world’s roads.”

The partnership will aim to integrate strategies to prevent road traffic injury with UNICEF’s existing focus areas – such as child protection, education, adolescent health and communication for development. Initially, pilot project work will be developed by the partnership to establish interventions on child road injury prevention that could then be scaled up. Linked to its programmatic work, the partnership will also develop advocacy reporting in collaboration with the Overseas Development Institute.