Safe, Clean, Fair & Green – the FIA Foundation’s agenda for the post-2015 development debate

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The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which have driven international cooperation on tackling major health and education issues, reducing poverty and promoting human development, expire at the end of 2015. The United Nations is currently leading a global debate on what should replace the MDGs post-2015.

The FIA Foundation wants to see targets and new partnerships to promote safe and sustainable transport included in the post-2015 ‘Sustainable Development Goals’. Our agenda is for ‘Safe, Clean, Fair & Green’ mobility for all. By prioritising road safety and air quality we can create safer and cleaner environments, reduce road traffic deaths and injuries and prevent millions of premature deaths and serious illnesses caused by respiratory disease, and other ‘non-communicable diseases’ related to lack of exercise. By prioritising vehicle fuel economy we can contribute to tackling climate change, improve air quality and reduce the world’s reliance on fossil fuels, helping to deliver ‘Sustainable Energy for All’. A focus on fairness – whether it is providing safe pavements for pedestrians; affordable and accessible public transport; or ensuring that car-makers design safe vehicles for all consumers, not matter where they live – is at the heart of our approach.

The FIA Foundation is an active leader in practical programmes and partnerships which are designing solutions for ‘Safe, Clean, Fair & Green’ mobility. And we are also leading and supporting advocacy efforts to secure this agenda in the post-2015 development framework. Watch our film and read our agenda to learn more.

Click here to download the Safe, Clean, Fair and Green post-2015 agenda >