The FIA Foundation is an international charity, working closely with grant partners to shape projects and advocate to secure change in policy and practice. Our objective is safe and healthy journeys for all, whether it is the daily walk to school or the final lap of a Grand Prix. Through partners with global reach we are supporting safer vehicles and highways, clean air and electric cars, safe motor sport and low speed streets.

Established as an independent UK-registered charity in 2001 by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), the FIA Foundation has worked closely with international agencies, expert technical partners, civil society organisations and our member FIA clubs to develop a strong track record of results. Our Strategy 2030 firmly establishes our focus on helping to achieve the ambitious targets of the United Nations’ Global Goals, in the areas of road traffic injury, air quality, climate action and youth empowerment. We support our partners at the FIA to work towards their ‘vision zero’ for no death or serious injury in motor sport.


The FIA Foundation is an independent UK registered charity which supports an international programme of activities promoting road safety, the environment and sustainable mobility, as well as funding motor sport safety research.

The FIA Foundation is a company limited by guarantee and registered as a charity in the UK (No. 1088670). The Foundation is independent and under the control of its Trustees who are required to act within the powers conferred upon them in our Articles of Association and in the best interests of the charity. Click here for more on Governance.


The FIA Foundation has an international membership of motoring and road safety organisations and national motorsport associations. We have 146 founding members and 14 members from 101 countries. The members of the FIA Foundation, through their Annual Meeting, elect our Board of Trustees and receive the Trustees' Annual Report and Financial Statements.

The Foundation works closely with its network of members to promote the objects of the charity, and has supported many national and regional road safety, environmental and motor sport safety activities implemented by member organisations. For example in 2007-8 the Foundation's members were the driving force behind a successful global petition, organised through our Make Roads Safe campaign, to secure the first ever Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety. We currently support road safety activities by many of our member clubs through a Global Road Safety Programme administered through a grant to the FIA. Click here to see our Members.


Our annual reports highlight the FIA Foundation's activities and achievements each year. Learn more about the programmes of our grant partners, our projects and advocacy, and how the Foundation's work seeks to protect and improve the lives and environment of people around the world.

Click here to view the Annual report and Financial reports.

FIA Foundation Annual Review 2023

The FIA Foundation reports on its charitable activities in 2023, including advocacy for youth at the UN Summit on the Sustainable Development Goals; accelerating the electric vehicle transition; the latest progress in car and truck safety; protecting children on the journey to school; and playing a key role in the safety of top level motor sport.

FIA Foundation Annual Review 2023

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