President Clinton highlights Foundation’s progress 

President Bill Clinton at CGI 2012 (© Clinton Global Initiative)
President Clinton reports on FIA Foundation progress as Michelle Yeoh listens (© Clinton Global Initiative)

Former US President Bill Clinton chose to highlight the road safety philanthropy of the FIA Foundation at his annual ‘Clinton Global Initiative’ (CGI) in New York.

Mr Clinton reviewed the progress of the Foundation’s 2010 CGI Commitment to ‘deliver vaccines for road safety’, focusing his attention in one of the plenary sessions on the Foundation’s support for helmet wearing initiatives by the AIP Foundation in SE Asia. He was joined on stage by Global Road Safety Ambassador Michelle Yeoh. The FIA Foundation commitment was one of only a handful to be reported on personally by Bill Clinton during the event.

In his citation for the FIA Foundation, Bill Clinton said: “Providing financial, technical and policy support their leadership has helped to activate a number of road safety efforts including helmet distribution, awareness campaigns including parental awareness of vehicle restraints for children, training of police forces and traffic laws.” He also praised Michelle Yeoh for her work campaigning on road safety globally as Ambassador for the Make Roads Safe campaign. “I’ve talked to her about this a few years ago and she realised that in this area she could actually, through personal intervention, she could help save an enormous amount of lives in countries where she has had an enormous impact because of the life she led and I’m grateful to her for doing this,” the former President said.

Also at CGI, leading policymakers met to discuss stratgeies to achieve Safe and Sustainable transport. The group, including US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and one of his predecessors, Rodney Slater, were amongst around 40 participants including FIA President Jean Todt, Michelle Yeoh and FIA Foundation Deputy Director Saul Billingsley.